Kim Brown, BA, CFO

I am a founding member of Healthy Strides and started my journey in equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) as the equine professional. I’ve ridden and loved horses since I was a little girl, so when the opportunity presented for my horses to change and save lives, I jumped at the chance to start Healthy Strides!

After 4 years as the equine professional of Healthy Strides, Brittney and Dan finally persuaded me to pursue a graduate degree in counseling! I have one year left of grad school at UIS and I will be a Healthy Strides counselor! I am so grateful that Brittney McVey and Dan Giers pushed me to take the plunge and become a counselor, talk about a work FAMILY!

When I’m not at the barn I enjoy walking/hiking, riding my bike, and fostering kittens! I also love spending time with my son James and husband Matt! My future goals are to finish my schooling and be able to update this blurb and say that I am no longer a student but a real life counselor!

a woman with a purple shirt
a woman with a purple shirt

Phone: 217-521-3309